Minimize Space Agencies

Below are a list of space agencies that own, fund, or are involved in the missions described in the Satellite Missions section.

To see which missions each agency is associated with, click on the link in the Filter by Agency column.

Agency Country Agency Website Filter by Agency
ASI italy Italy Visit Site 10 Missions
CAST chinaPeople's Rep. of China Visit Site 10 Missions
CDTI spainSpain Visit Site Missions
CNES franceFrance Visit Site 43 Missions
CONAE argentinaArgentina Visit Site 3 Missions
CRESDA chinaPeople's Rep. of China Visit Site Missions
CSA canadaCanada Visit Site 16 Missions
CSIRO australiaAustralia Visit Site 2 Missions
DLR germanyGermany Visit Site 26 Missions
EC europeanunionEurope Visit Site 16 Missions
ESA europeanunion Europe Visit Site 114 Missions
EUMETSAT europeanunion Europe Visit Site 12 Missions
GISTDA thailandThailand Visit Site 2 Missions
AEB brazilBrazil Visit Site Missions
ISRO indiaIndia Visit Site 32 Missions
JAXA japanJapan Visit Site 54 Missions
JMA japan Japan Visit Site 2 Missions
KARI korea Korea Visit Site 12 Missions
LAPAN indonesia Indonesia Visit Site 3 Missions
METI japan Japan Visit Site 4 Missions
NASA united states of america USA Visit Site 220 Missions
NASRDA nigeria Nigeria Visit Site 2 Missions
NOAA united states of america USA Visit Site 15Missions
NRSCC china People's Rep. of China Visit Site 3 Missions
NSAU ukraine Ukraine Visit Site 2 Missions
NSC norway Norway Visit Site 3 Missions
NSMC-CMA chinaPeople's Rep. of China Visit Site 5 Missions
NSPO chinaRep. of China (Taiwan) Visit Site 6 Missions
ROSHYDROMET russiaRussia Visit Site Missions
ROSKOSMOS russiaRussia Visit Site 19 Missions
SANSA south africaSouth Africa Visit Site 1 Mission
SNSB swedenSweden Visit Site 5 Missions
TUBITAK turkeyTurkey Visit Site Mission
UKSA united kingdom - great britainUnited Kingdom Visit Site Missions
USGS united states of americaUSA Visit Site 5 Missions