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First Images CBERS 04A

First Images CBERS 04A

30 December 2019

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The reception in Brazil of the first images of the satellite CBERS 04A occurred on 27 December, 2019. After a week of testing with all satellite subsystems and the sequence of manoeuvres to put it into its nominal orbit, the three CBERS 04A cameras were connected for 11 minutes from 10h56 to 11h07, local time in Brasilia. INPE's ground station in Cuiaba, MT, received and recorded the raw data from WPM cameras, MUX and WFI, which were processed in São José dos Campos, SP.

From now the commissioning phase of the CBERS 04A starts, and is expected to last about three months. During this phase radiometric and geometric quality of the three cameras images will be evaluated.

Source: INPE

Image credit: INPE - WFI image - Composition of real colors, 55 m spatial resolution, cut 330 km by 200 km

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