Minimize Observation of the Earth and its Environment
kramer book

4th edition 2002, pp. 1514, 522 illustrations, 857 tables, Springer Verlag, ISBN: 3-540-42388-5

The book covers Earth observation on a global scale, there are hundreds of spaceborne missions defined and more than 2000 spaceborne sensors. An effort has been made to update the material presented in the three previous editions. In addition, a considerable amount of new information is provided. The 4th edition contains a number of changes in scope and layout.

  • An "Earth Observation Short History" is provided putting a lot of space-age facts and technology introduction into proper context for a better overview and understanding of the subject matter
  • Most emphases are given to the documentation of spaceborne missions and sensors
  • A thematic re-ordering of the spaceborne missions was done covering such topics as (alphabetic order):
    • Atmosphere/Radiation/Aeronomy Missions
    • Commercial Imaging Satellites
    • Data Collection (Messaging) Systems
    • Earth Observation/Monitoring Missions
    • Geodynamic/Earth-System Missions
    • Meteorology - GEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit) Missions
    • Meteorology - LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Missions
    • Satellite Radionavigation Systems
    • Satellite Emergency Services & Environmental Monitoring
    • Shuttle - Selected Missions and Payloads
    • Space Science/Solar-Terrestrial Missions
    • Space Stations
    • Technology Missions
    • University/Student-Developed Satellites & Payloads

The book contains the spaceborne missions and sensors (past, present and future), the "history", a chapter on reference data, and three appendices. A CD-ROM comes along with the book, containing all information of the book as well as of Part P: "Survey of Airborne Sensors" and Part Q: "Survey of Campaigns." The CD-ROM contains a total of 1934 pages. The CD-ROM is intended as a search tool; it is not to be used as a copy tool.

The Table of Contents (PDF, 28 pages: 155 KB) is provided giving the reader a good idea of the missions and material covered.


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